Financials for Office 365 – Your Microsoft Cloud Accounting Software

What is Financials for Office 365?

Whether you are a first time user or have outgrown your existing business applications, Financials for Office 365 is filling a gap in the market and provides small businesses big business software at an affordable price, from as little as a dollar per day. It is Microsoft cloud accounting software that is simple-to-use and particularly strong in areas such as inventory management and business reporting that are lacking in many products on the market. Financials works stand-alone but when used with Office 365 it becomes a complete and integrated Microsoft cloud solution.

Key Benefits of Financials for Office 365 for your Business:

  1. Save time by generating quotes and invoices on the go in real time
  2. Free login for your external accountant and get the advice and support you need from anywhere
  3. Designed for the web in a true secure Microsoft cloud environment, Financials can be accessed on any device with a web browser
  4. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, Financials is truly scalable with features from CRM to Accounting all in the one package
  5. As it is a Microsoft product, Financials has the familiar look and feel that you and your employees already know and use
  6. Financials is cost effective with no minimum agreements. Simply pay-as-you-go for what you need.

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